Our team represents decades of experience in the upstream and midstream industry projects. Nobleseas is consists of members with diversified experience in all stages of large scale and complex projects.  We bring forward excellent feedback, strong relationships and valuable knowledge and experience from operators and service companies we have worked with.

Some of our previous major projects with key contribution by individual team members are described as below;

Gjoa development Project

Project Scope

The Gjoa field is located in the North Sea and involved a shallow water field development with semi-submersible, risers, umbilicals, rigid pipelines and subsea templates. It was Norway’s largest offshore development till that year and first project to have power from shore to reduce to emissions. The project involved complex interfaces, large deliveries, new suppliers and complex technical solutions.

Work performed

  • Management of riser delivery contract from tendering phase through installation
  • Design, fabrication, integration testing and installation of subsea assets
  • Management of risk and supervision register, change procedures and non-conformance reports
  • Conduct design reviews, manufacturing readiness review, and HSE inspections
  • Participate in HAZOP and carry out load out and offshore installation of flexible risers
  • Execution of Risk mitigation and safety studies

Visund Nord Development Project

Project scope

The development includes a semi-submersible integrated accommodation, drilling and processing platform with subsea wells. Visund Nord is an oil and gas field located north of existing Visund platform in the North Sea. Due to a gas leak at Visund Platform, an emergency shutdown procedure was enforced leading to hydrate formations in the pipeline and riser. During the hydrate removal operation, multiple burst holes were identified and the system was regarded not fit for purpose. The project scope was to replace the system and safely recover existing subsea infrastructure.

Work performed

  • Assessment of integrity of riser, pipeline and subsea structures prior to recovery operations
  • Preparation of underwater inspection plan and evaluation of survey reports
  • Management of concept and FEED study work
  • Development of riser recovery procedure
  • Modification of host platform to accommodate updated design conditions and revised riser loads

Various conceptual and feasibility field development studies in North West Shelf, Australia

Work performed

  • Execution of subsea field development activities including feasibility design, installation and cost estimation activities within the area of subsea systems, SURF and pipelines;
  • Material selection and corrosion control alternatives for risers and pipeline;
  • Lead the flow assurance and subsea field development activities;
  • Perform benchmarking of subsea life cycle costing and scheduling;
  • Development of conceptual subsea field production and distribution schematics ;
  • Develop riser integrity management, subsea functioning and by-pass philosophies;
  • Cost estimation and scheduling.

Chinguitti Field Development

Project scope

The Chinguetti field is located offshore Mauritania in the water depth of 800m in West Africa region. The Reference Case development for Chinguetti comprises a system of subsea manifolds, flowlines, risers connected to a permanently turret moored FPSO. An electro-hydraulic control umbilical and subsea chemical distribution system were used to control the subsea facilities and distribute chemicals for flow assurance purposes. The project comprised of a complex dynamic risers and umbilicals system design for a turret moored FPSO.

Work performed

  • Development of comprehensive analysis premise in compliance with contract specification and industry safe practice codes
  • Perform extreme event, interference and fatigue finite element analysis of the system using Flexcom and Orcaflex;
  • Develop cost effective technical solution ensuring safety is considered in the system design