Subsea and Pipelines

Nobleseas covers full range of project management, design and analyses engineering services through our people, tools, databases, experience and alliances.

SURF & Subsea Structures

We leverage our vast experience in the design and development of flexible pipelines, risers, umbilicals and power cables. Nobleseas has a broad experience base in the design and construction of subsea manifolds, pipeline structures and other elements of subsea infrastructure. We cover following activities through our people, tools, databases, experience and alliances;

  • Flexible / SCR / Umbilical / J-tube riser system design and analysis
  • System engineering and mooring analysis
  • Material and construction specifications
  • Riser stress analysis/design
  • Subsea structure design and construction
  • Validation and due diligence review of design and fabrication documentation

Pipelines Engineering

Nobleseas offer following full range of pipeline’s design and analysis engineering services for every stage of project development through our people, tools, databases, experience and alliances;

  • Design basis definitions
  • Pipeline sizing and hydraulic calculations
  • Route selection and optimization
  • Material and corrosion engineering
  • Wall thickness selection
  • On-bottom stability calculations
  • Upheaval/Buckling/Thermal expansion calculations
  • Allowable span analysis
  • In-situ stress expansion analyses
  • Cathodic protection and anode design
  • Pipeline crossing design
  • Shore crossing design
  • Material and work specifications
  • MTOs
  • Geohazard analysis
  • Cost estimation and scheduling
  • Insulated and heated pipeline systems
  • Validation and due diligence review

Flow Assurance

At Nobleseas we believe flow assurance and hydraulic simulations are integral part of subsea field development and  pipelines design and operation’s process. We possess skillset to cover following activities but not limited to;

  • System design and flow assurance assessments
  • Analysis of pipeline hydraulics and determination of pipeline capacities
  • Single-phase and multi-phase flow studies
  • Flow Assurance studies e.g. evaluating risks of hydrate formation , wax deposition , slugging potential etc. and development of mitigating strategies
  • Analysis of pipeline networks and modelling of integrated facilities (well heads, pipelines and topside facilities)
  • Developing and evaluating pipeline integrity and operating envelopes.
  • Validation and due diligence review

Construction Engineering and Support

At Nobleseas, we harbor years of experience on all types of subsea facilities. We evaluate the project, identify potential risks and assign the right personnel to execute the work. We can provide construction management services over the entire scope of the project; from engineering and installation through start-up and decommissioning. Our procurement and construction support capabilities are;

  • Subsea vendor management and monitoring
  • Tie-in spools
  • PLETs, PLEMs, SSIVs and riser bases
  • Flexible pipelines and umbilicals
  • Perform follow up of ancillary components suppliers design, manufacturing and delivery. Witness FAT and fit up tests on behalf of Company.
  • Validation and due diligence review of construction documents

Installation Engineering and Support

Nobleseas engineering professionals have been involved in major subsea infrastructure projects and convey a broad range of technical expertise and experience to installation projects. We offer following installation engineering and support services through our people, tools, databases, experience and alliances;

  • Load out and transportation analysis for SURF, pipelines and subsea equipment
  • Rigging Design for offshore installation
  • Subsea pipe-lay and cable lay analysis
  • Risers installation analysis
  • Tie-in analyses including spool piece installation
  • Review of installation documents and execution of offshore installation campaign
  • Validation and due diligence review

Asset Integrity Engineering / IMR Support

Our team have wide range of experience in functionality and operations of subsea infrastructures and facilities enabling us to work on life cycle issues of onshore and offshore assets.

We offer following  engineering support services through our people, tools, databases, experience and alliances;

  • Support services – Provision of personnel for services such as inspection services, client representation at vendor sites and on board vessels and act as direct link between company and installation contractor
  • Provide engineering support for development of intervention, installation and operational procedures, rigid spool design, material engineering and flow assurance assessments to assess the integrity. The activities can be described as;
    • Planning and management of subsea intervention activities
    • Risk assessment and integrity management
    • Reassessment of assets based on revised design requirement and production characteristics
    • Asset integrity management for flexible pipelines
    • Life of field extension engineering and damage assessment
    • Operational trouble shooting for topside facilities
    • Work together with SEVs and pipeline suppliers to minimize the operational failures