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Nobleseas Engineering Australia Providing Competent, Resourceful and Cost-Effective Engineering Services to the Offshore, Marine and Subsea Industry.

Nobleseas Engineering was formed with a mission to provide safe, competent, reliable, cost-efficient and resourceful engineering and project management services to the offshore, marine and subsea industry in the volatile energy market conditions for a sustainable future.

We support energy operators and contractors in optimising their asset values, operations and project executions.

Our team displays decades of experience in the offshore, marine and subsea industries. With extensive experience in field design, construction, installation and operations, we collaborate with our clients to ensure practical and optimised engineering solutions are provided. Our engineering services are comprising of finite element modelling, analysis, and computer simulations utilising industry-qualified tools.

Our wide range of engineering services covers from early phase feasibility and concept screening studies to operational and decommissioning phases in upstream oil & gas and marine industry projects. We are passionate about approaching technical problems with lateral thinking and delivering solutions that are safe, practical and innovative. Our comprehensive expertise, independence and access to a large resource base to support projects for all phases, enable us to adjust as per client’s needs and provide comprehensive and competitive solutions.

We have established ourselves as a design, modifications, conversion, life-extension & decommissioning engineering service provider.

Our client appreciates us for our cost competitiveness, technical competency, effective collaboration and efficient project execution. Our services have demonstrated efficient project execution and significant cost savings for Australian and international clients.

Our ability to work competently offshore and onshore across a wide array of environments and projects comes from a range of competencies and many years of international experience that translates to local knowledge. Our comprehensive expertise, independence and resource base enable us to adjust as per client’s needs and provide reliable and competitive solutions.

The majority of our services are focused on the offshore, marine and subsea sectors but our set of competencies and diversified experience are well suited to ports, offloading, renewables and the mining sector as well.


7+ years operating in Australia


80,000+ Engineering man hours completed


20+ satisfied Australian and International customers


Our vision is through experience, knowledge and teamwork, Nobleseas to provide innovative, safe, high-quality, on-time, cost-efficient and sustainable engineering solutions that empower the engineering practice and help our clients to enhance the value of their assets and operations.

We aspire to become the preferred engineering service provider to energy and marine companies working in the area of design, construction, installation, operations and decommissioning.


Client satisfaction and collaboration

We believe no project is successful until we delivered up to the client's satisfaction. We put the client first on our priorities and deliver optimised solutions through collaboration with our clients.

Demonstrate Integrity and Commitment

We apply the highest ethical standards to everything we do. We believe keeping the high standards of business conduct and commitment to what we promise will earn the trust of our clients, stakeholders and community.


We do not believe in shortcuts. We rely on hard work, continuous learning and competencies to deliver successful solutions.


We believe every project is unique in its nature. We keep ourselves abreast with industry developments and invest in skill developments. We are passionate about approaching technical problems with innovative thinking and delivering solutions that are safe, practical and cost-effective.

Promote sustainability

We engage responsibly with our clients and stakeholders and practise engineering to foster the health and safety of the relevant community and the environment.

Our Key Differentiators Significant CAPEX and OPEX savings

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Simplified Project Execution

Focused on required deliverables

Technical framework followed up by the commercial proposal

Maintains design premise

Lean Management

Lean structure sharing management and technical lead roles to reduce cost

Efficient project execution

Offshore Design Facility

Offshore design and engineering team delivers cost competitiveness

Demonstrated business model with efficient collaboration and project execution

Proven Track Record

Decades of proven project track records in offshore, marine and subsea

High Technical Competancy

Project execution team comprising strong design and engineering background exp ranging 5+ - 30+ years

High retention rate (maintaining the same team members on long term projects)

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