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We possess extensive experience and capabilities in flow assurance and process modelling for offshore and onshore assets.

At Nobleseas we believe flow assurance and hydraulic simulations are integral parts of subsea field development, pipeline design and operation process. We possess the skillset to cover the following activities but not limited to;

  • System design and flow assurance assessments
  • Analysis of pipeline hydraulics and determination of pipeline capacities
  • Single-phase and multi-phase flow studies
  • Flow Assurance studies e.g. evaluating risks of hydrate formation, wax deposition, slugging potential etc. and development of mitigating strategies
  • Advanced thermal, corrosion/erosion analysis
  • CO2 and water injection System design analysis
  • Subsea pipelines and topside process design and verification
  • Subsea shutdown, start-up and depressurisation studies
  • Analysis of pipeline networks and modelling of integrated facilities (wellheads, pipelines and topside facilities)
  • Troubleshooting and optimization studies
  • Developing and evaluating pipeline integrity and operating envelopes.
  • Validation and due diligence review

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