Achieve decarbonisation goals (EEXI, CII) using CFD

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Industry: Marine Engineering

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Improve the fuel consumption and energy efficiency by installation of suitable energy saving device (ESD) and verified by CFD analysis and calculations


The detailed scope of work involved following tasks:

  • To evaluate the total resistance of vessel using CFD simulation and correlate with vessel’s sea trial or tank test data
  • Evaluate correct gap in EEXI and CII values to meet future requirement of vessel
  • Evaluate various options/combinations of ESD to get maximum impact on energy savings. Study may involve:
    • Addition of duct around the propeller
    • Fins on the hull for improved flow
    • Bulbous Bow optimisation for reduced speed
    • Trim Optimization
    • Hull coating
  • Estimate the fuel efficiency as per the optimised solutions of ESD.
  • Provide the optimum solution to the client based on the findings.


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