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Client: Confidential

Asset: Fixed Jacket Platform



Conduct rig and platform interaction study; confirm foundation stability and suitability of rig to operate at the platform location.


  • The study scope involved following key tasks: 
    • Review of geotechnical data and metocean data.
    • Perform the following checks to determine compliance with specified criteria:
      • Overturning Stability
      • Preload requirements
      • Leg sliding
      • Spudcan / foot print interaction
      • Foundation bearing Check
    • To check and confirm any interference of rig with the subsea pipelines
    • Evaluation of scouring and mitigation plan
    • Leg penetration analysis
      • Low estimate and high estimate s of soil profile and soil displacement for 1 year, 10 year and 50 year storm condition
      • Probability and risk of punch through assessment and mitigation assessment
      • Recommendation for preloading management to manage penetration
    • Leg extraction analysis
      • Capture the details for leg design of rig and spudcan design with respect to leg extraction activity
      • Analysis of required leg extraction force
      • Estimated time for leg extraction
      • Evaluation of jack up rig influence on the platform after the leg extraction
    • Rig interaction with platform considering soil disturbance near the platform.
      • In place and fatigue analysis for both the conditions during leg penetration and after withdrawal for the platforms
      • To determine minimum distance at which rig can be placed
      • Rig deployment suitability for 1,10 and 50 year storm conditions
      • Maximum pile unity checks for different storm conditions (disturbed and undisturbed soil conditions)
    • FEM analysis to study the effect of spudcan penetration on jacket pile.

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