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Industry: Topside Modules and Structures



Develop SACS model of the topside units and carry out further engineering. Conduct topside process unit pipe support stress analysis. 


Our scope of work was to

  • Evaluate the various combinations of the complex loads to establish a safe environment.
  • Primary and Secondary structures design & analysis as per codes
  • LRFD / WSD / Limit State design methods
  • Structure modelling and analysis
  • Conduct in-place, installation and fatigue analysis
  • Simulating environmental load, local loads, internal fluid loads

Analyse structure for worst condition and check for hot spots or high stress zone, Design modification and iteration for weight & material optimization, and Fatigue Check

In- Place Analysis 

  • Design Operational Condition
  • Design Extreme Condition
  • Serviceability Condition
  • Damage Condition
  • Uplift Condition
  • Static Dry Condition
  • Static Operational Condition
  • Fatigue Condition
  • Blast Accidental Condition
  • Green water condition
  • Dropped Object Condition
  • Hydrotest Condition

Installation Analysis

  • Lifting Condition
  • Design Transportation Condition
  • Design Transit Condition
  • Module Weighing Condition

The scope also included analysis of secondary, tertiary structures and platform interface connections


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