Tsunami Resistant Marine Terminal Mooring Design

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Client: Confidential

Industry: Mooring Systems

Asset: Floating Production Storage and Offloading Unit

Location: Papua New Guinea

Year: 2021



An Australian mining company is assessing and selecting infrastructure options for LNG supply and import facilities. The mooring system of the Floating Storage Regasification Barge (FSRB) facility shall be designed to withstand the effect of environmental hazards such as storms and tsunamis. A concept and pre-FEED study  was executed consisting a detailed hydrodynamic analysis of the FSRB and LNG carrier mooring system.


The detailed scope of work involved following tasks:

  • Data gathering and review of inputs such as metocean data, vessel specification, bathymetry data, geotechnical study reports etc
  • Generation of hull model and derive RAOs for FSRB and multiple LNG Carriers
  • Study the survival storm and tsunami condition metocean data for a realistic application into analysis tool
  • Conduct iterative FSRB mooring analyses survival storm and tsunami conditions
  • Update the mooring pile structural design and mooring arrangement to develop a robust design minimising the risk of loss of asset in the event of a catastrophic event
  • Conduct a coupled mooring analyses with LNGC moored alongside FSRB under operating, survival storm and tsunami conditions
  • Conduct back-up mooring analysis for tsunami conditions
  • Conduct a coupled mooring analysis with small scale LNGC moored alongside FSRB under operational condition
  • Conduct a coupled (FSRB and small scale LNGC) analysis with optimised backup mooring system
  • Develop a design which has sufficient under-keel clearance available in the governing loading conditions
  • The optimised permanent and back up mooring system shall be able to restrain coupled FSRB and small scale LNGC system for the required tsunami cycle duration
  • Provide recommendations for FEED study

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